Content Writing & Content Marketing

Are you in need of a writer to support your company’s marketing? Are you looking for a person who is familiar with your company’s tone of voice and who can write your brochure texts, content for your new website and, for example, a press release about your new product? Would you like that all your company’s content creation would be directed by a goal-oriented plan?

At the moment, I provide content writing only in Finnish.

  • Individual Projects

    I compose individual, customized copies for web and print. Among other things, I write articles, brochures, guides and all sorts of online texts. I also provide all marketing texts and press releases

  • Regular Content Creation & Content Marketing Strategies

    I plan and write content regularly, for example, to your business’ blog, social media or newsletters. If you like, I’ll create a customized content marketing strategy for your business.

  • Reliable Long-Standing Partner

    I can work as your long-standing communications partner who knows your business’ tone of voice and writes all the content when you need it. Contact me and ask more!

  • Websites

    Personal websites, also written in a search engine friendly way. I can write completely new website content for your business or proofread and update your existing site.

  • Blog Posts and Articles

    Does your business have a blog, but nobody has the time to post anything or update the content? I write either individual blog posts and articles or I’ll keep the blog updated regularly with a long-term contract.

  • Newsletters

    I provide content for newsletters either form given topics or I’ll compose the content from my own ideas.

  • Marketing Texts

    Do you need content for a sales letter, a web banner or a newspaper advertisement? I compose copies for both web and print.

  • Stories

    The story of your business is important to you, but you can also reach your customers by telling it. Telling a story works like a charm in marketing when it’s done in the right way, including reference stories.

  • Social Media Content and Posts

    I plan and create posts and content to all your company’s social media channels. Carefully planned and according to the agreed schedule.

  • Search Engine Optimized Content

    I provide search engine optimized content, depending on your goals. At the same time, I can offer you a more comprehensive SEO project.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages and campaign pages. Conversion-driven content for your landing page, for example for your AdWords campaign.

  • Brochures and Guides

    Different customized brochure and guide texts.

  • Press Releases

    All press releases, regardless of your industry.